Getting There

Written by Ash on . Posted in 2009, Previous, Projects

  • Tire Repair from Architectural Emphasis
  • Green Water from Architectural Emphasis
  • Diptych from Architectural Emphasis


The exposition was (and could possibly still be) spread across Bellingham, Washington’s downtown area, located in seven color-coded bus stops on main city streets. Each bus stop has a color theme according to the “line”. The red line, for instance, had been decorated in red images, strawberries, red bicycles, flowers etc. The green line has photos of limes, grass, and frogs. I then chose images of my own that fit within the set color scheme and “guerrilla” installed the 22×22″ images into the bus stop windows, discreetly blending in with the images already posted.

The installed photographs come from a series of images I took called “Architectual Emphasis” which explore formal conventions of picture-making: by careful framing and use of light, the image visually flattens, and the focus becomes texture and the relationship of color fields.

The images that I curated into the bus stop structures are influenced by the abstract minimalist paintings. This allowed a population that has traditionally been removed from this style of American art to view it more often.